Solar Series - The wildest and most powerful in the galaxy 2019-09-03
There is a spectrum of indefinite possibilities in the universe. Since the solar system was formed from the cloud of dusts around 4.6 billion years ago, the eight largest planets have been orbiting the Sun. Humans may seem pointless in the scale of universe, but our endless curiosity has brought the world infinite cosmic discovery reveals. Inspired by the solar system, the Hong Kong Tourbillon watch brand, Memorigin, has created the Solar Series to capture the eight planets in a watch through refined craftmanship. Users can experience taking control of the galaxy and leave footprints of their remarkable moments in the planetary orbits. 

Memorigin x TeaWood Crossover MTW Tourbillon Miracle in This Watch 2019-04-12

Hong Kong Tourbillon brand Memorigin cooperated with TeaWood, a Taiwanese leisure restaurant to launch "TeaWood Deluxe", an innovative and chic restaurant which infuses prestigious tourbillon elements into restaurant design and food menu. Obviously, this collaboration was not limited to food. In fact, the General Manager of Tai Hing Catering Group and founder of T-Factory Concept, Tommy, jumped out of the catering industry and puts on his designer hat to come up with this crossover tourbillon design.